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This analysis is designed to show collective training needs and priorities and also the relative training needs of
Director Template

How well do you work with anticipating obstacles to achieve department training goals and identify means to overcome them?

How comfortable are you identifying specific training courses needed to accomplish departmental training goals?

How efficient isyour department in providing or being provided with specific guidance on how accomplishment is to be measured?

How do you feel about involving staff or being involved personally in making work decisions that affect employees?

In what areas do you feel your direct and indirect subordinates require training?

Are you satisfied with your employee’s organizational skills, communicationskills, theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and willingness to learn?

Developing and adjusting long term training goals as necessary
Developing alternative strategies for accomplishing training goals
Assessing the financial feasibility of alternative courses of action
Developing plans for the department that include costs, employees or material needs.

How do employees feelabout your work environment?
Do you feel that your employees are positively motivated and committed to providing excellent patient care?
What factors influence maximum performance and how?
Which areas of intervention correspond most closely to the main focus of your work with people who use assistive technology? Indicate your level of involvement in this area.

How to assess anothersÕprofessional growth & support needs

Adjusting help to keep assistance appropriate to othersÕ needs & experience
Training to Improve Knowledge and Skills
If knowledge and skills need improvement, how are these best conveyed?
• Online training using multimedia, audio, video, static text/images or a combination?
• Mobile learning using cell phones, PDAs, or laptops?
•Onsite training?
• Video or audio conferencing?
• Job aids that are either electronic or print based?
• A blended approach that combines two or more delivery methods?
• Group discussion or individual activities?
• A structured course or a brown bag (lunch and informal discussion)?
Characteristics of the Trainees
These questions can be answered based onthe characteristics of the trainees:
• What technologies do they use in the course of performing their jobs?
• What technologies are they the most comfortable using?
• What technologies do they have access to at home and at work?
• What technologies are inaccessible to them?
• Do trainees have access to an internal company network or will the trainingneed to be delivered through a third party provider such as YouTube?
• What type of training delivery do the learners prefer?
• How will the training fit in with their schedules?
• To what degree are they able to learn independently?
• Are the knowledge and skills new to the trainees or do they already possess a foundation of knowledge that they can build upon?• Do learners have any types of disabilities that need to be accommodated?
• Do they use any types of assistive technologies?
• How is the training intended to improve their job performance?

How do you see I&MT Professional Development's involvement with your department currently? How would you like to see that relationship evolve?

2.What are someup-and-coming technologies or large projects that your area will be addressing with the next 6 months?

3.How do you quantify success on projects in your area (customer satisfaction, low amounts of down time…)?

4.If you have a project that is not successful, have you used training to address the issue? Was the training useful?

5.Describe any challenges that your area has had with training or...
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