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All About Flights
The Free Flight dialog box allows you to easily configure a flight scenario of your own, specifying the aircraft, location, weather, and time and season. The Load Flight dialog box lets you choose a saved scenario. In this article, you'll learn how to select, create, save, and share your own flights.

Creating and Saving Flights
Technically speaking, a flight in FlightSimulator is "a saved situation." Once saved, you can load it again and again, starting with exactly the same situation each time without having to set things up manually. Saved parameters include:

    

Aircraft Aircraft position Positions of controls and instruments Time and season Weather conditions

Flights can start on the ground, at an airport, or in the air. To create a flightstarting at an airport 1. On the main screen, click Free Flight. 2. Follow the steps on screen to select an aircraft and starting location, set the weather, date, and time, change fuel settings (optional), set failures (optional), and create and save a flight plan (optional). 3. Click Save. 4. Enter a title and description for the flight. 5. Click OK. Later you can load the flight from the Free Flightscreen or from the Flights menu.

The Free Flight Screen To save a flight while flying 1. Set conditions exactly as you want them (for example, on final approach to O'Hare with a challenging crosswind).

2. 3. 4.

On the Flights menu, click Save Flight. Enter a title and description for the flight. Click OK.

Later you can load the flight from the Free Flight screen or from the Flightsmenu.

Selecting a Flight
With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can refly the flights you've created. To select a flight 1. From the main screen, click Free Flight. 2. Click Load.... 3. Select a flight from the list. 4. Click Fly Now.

The Load Flight Dialog Box For variety, try flying a saved flight with a different aircraft, at a different time or in a different season, or with differentweather conditions. For maximum realism, use the Real-world Weather feature.

Changing the Default Flight
Tired of always starting at the same place? You can change the flight that automatically loads on the Free Flight screen when Flight Simulator starts. To change the default flight 1. Create a flight, as explained above. 2. When you save the flight, select the Make this the default flightcheck box. A Note for Advanced Users A flight (.flt) file contains hundreds of parameters; some are easy to understand, some are complex. If you save a flight, then realize that you want to make a change (for example you saved the flight with the landing light on, but you want it off), you have two choices:

 Load the flight, make the change, then resave the flight.

 Open the .flt filewith a text editor such as Notepad. Search through the text (which is organized into logical
sections) until you find the relevant line (for example, LandingLights=True) and change it to the value you want (in this case False).

Sharing Flights
It's easy to share flights with other users. Just send all of the files associated with the flight (.flt, .wx, .pln, and .htm files) from your MyDocuments\Flight Simulator X Files folder. Your friends can then put the files in their own My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files folder, and your flights will appear in their Load Flight dialog box.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I use flights to help me practice my skills? You can create flights to practice particular flying or navigating skills. Then instead of choosing an aircraft, settingyour location, taking off, and flying all the way to that point, you can simply select one of your saved flights. I run a virtual airline. How can I use flights and categories? Instead of publishing pilot schedules, you can create flights for your routes. Flight 213 for example, would begin at the gate with the flight plan already loaded and the weather defined (or the pilot can use Real-world...
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