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Nolvia Casillas

Joseph Rao Kony: the possible anti-Christ?

After 30 years, such a negative figure as Kony finally floated to the surface beyondthe government’s secret services. If it wasn’t thanks to social networks and people’s sudden decision to care, this would have remained unknown to the world. Kony could be considered the anti-Christ forthe following reasons: resembles God in a deceptive manner, provided for the needs of the rebellion of Uganda while denying others ultimate salvation, and rebuilding Uganda in a way that opposes thereconstruction of the Jewish holy temple.
Kony proclaims himself the “spokesperson of God and the Holy Spirit’s medium.” While just proclaiming such a blasphemy is not the problem, the problem isthat he justifies his criminal acts based on his proclaim. For example, he might justify burning down a village of innocent people by saying it was God’s will. In his early life, Kony went aboutrecruiting people to support him with the rebellious group by saying he was sent by God. This gives the community a false image of God: God does not promote violence whatsoever.
Moreover, Kony, with hisUnited Holy Salvation Army (UHSA), murdered millions of innocent civilians and NRA collaborators who opposed the rebellion. Among the vast majority of this civilians were children who were recruited byKony at their earliest years. Then, Kony under his proclaims, recruited this children to either become soldiers or sex slaves. This supports the fact that he only worries about his own intentionswhile perishing the lives of those who get on his way.
While Kony blasphemies and misuses God’s scriptures, he has committed by far the most anti-Christ like act in history. He rebuilt Uganda for hisown benefit and not the people who have surround him. According to the Holy Scriptures, God rebuilt the temple after his reincarnation. He considered the temple a house of Satan created by the...
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