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5 Top HR Modules for ERP Systems
By John Edwards | April 30, 2009

A growing number of businesses are adopting ERP systems in order to give their departments accurateand accessible shared data. HR isn’t being left out of the loop. In fact, most major ERP vendors now offer their customers HR modules that help automate an array of tasks while generating crucial datafor enterprise planning and optimization.

Analysis 1. Infor HCM (Human Capital Management)
Designed for use with Infor’s ERP, Infor HCM is a Web-enabled offering that brings a variety ofcapabilities to the table — perhaps even more features than the average business needs. The module has support for multiple languages, currencies, tax definitions, benefits, security configurations andplatforms. It consists of three basic components: • Resource Management: Features here include benefits administration, payroll, FSAs and compensation. • Work-Force Management: This component aims to helpHR departments cost-effectively handle complex work-force management challenges. It includes scheduling, time and attendance, absence handling and performance support. • Talent Management: This partof the module provides work-force development capabilities that are focused on recruitment, learning, employee performance and competency management. Succession-planning capabilities are alsoprovided. Verdict: This is a well-rounded, highly capable module that’s suitable for just about any business. Infor HCM takes advantage of Web technology to provide an ERP HR module that can be instantlyupdated and easily scaled.

2. Sage Accpac HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
As a part of Sage Software Inc.’s Sage Pro ERP, Sage Accpac HRMS provides support for a variety of HR tasks,including benefits, training, recruiting and compliance. The module offers a flexible design that lets users select their own database platform, including SQL or MSDE (Microsoft Desktop Engine). Sage Accpac...
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