Trabaj De Ingles

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1. Complete the following table with the correct expression for each day time

|Day Time|Used Expression |
|When you go away |Bye|
|Early in the morning |Good morning |
|When you go to bed |Good night|
|Informal greeting |Hi |

2. Match theColumn A with Column B

Column A Column B

• Monday is the first day of the week Seventh - sunday

• Some months has thirty daysSaturdays – third

• Christmas is on December Sixty - two

• I work Monday at the first floor Monday – first

• The seventh day ofweek is sunday Christmas – December

• Sixty days are two months Months – thirty

3. Complete the puzzle about Countries, nationalities andplaces

1. __Bogota______ is the capital of Colombia
2. Ken is from Tokio he is ___Japonese_______
3. Juan Pablo Montoya is from ____Colombia______
4. He was born in Pekin he is___Chinese____
5. He is from France : He is ___French______
6. Pele is from __Brazil______
7. She is from Rome she is _Italian_____
8. Sam was born in New york He´s _American_______9. Larry is from Vancouver he is ____Canadian_____
10. He was born in Germany he is __german_____

11. Athens is the capital of _Greece_______

12. Jose is from la Habana he is...
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