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UNIT 8: Health

2 Head, Sholders, Knees, and Toes

A Write the words from the box on the lines.

Head shoulder arm elbow hand legKnee back foot ankle

B Make words from the letters.

Wrist neck chest stomachFinger nose mounth throat

Example: cekn NECK
1. Grnife ______________________________
2. Htarot______________________________
3. Sriwt ______________________________
4. Hotamsc______________________________
5. Ohtmu ______________________________
6. Thsec_______________________________
7. Soen _______________________________
UNIT 8: Health


A Match the questions and answers.Nurse’s Questions Patient’s Answers

• What’s the problem? a. No, I don’t think so.

• Does your knee hurt, too?b. I have an earache.

• Is it broken? c. Yes, I can.

• Can you touch your toes? d. No, it doesn’t.B Circle the correct answer.

1.- What’s the problema with Matt?

A. Matt harper B. He has a bad headache

2.- Does your back hurt, too?

A. No, itdoesn’t B. I have a stomachache.

3.- Is it broken?

A. No, I don’t think so. B. I have a fever.

4.- I have a sore throat.

A. Does your fingerhurt, too? B. Does your head hurt, too?

5.- Can you stand on one foot?

A. No I can’t B. that’s right.

C Writhe the problema under the...
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