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Health and SafetyHealth and Safety

Health and Safety Standard

Working at HeightsWorking at Heights

Table of Contents

1. Purpose 1

2. Scope 1

3. Definitions 1

4. References 15. Responsibilities 1

6. Requirements 1


This standard establishes the project requirements to ensure a safe system of work that prevents people and material falling fromheights.


This standard applies whenever work is performed 2.0 metres or more above a permanent floor level, and/or, the situation exists where tools, equipment or anythingelse can fall or be dropped and cause injury to personnel or damage to equipment.


• Fall Protection - A person has applied fall protection when they are prevented fromfalling due to physical edge protection barriers or are secured with an approved personal fall protection system.

• Fall Prevention - is the protection applied to prevent a person or objectfalling from a height. This is commonly in the form of a physical barrier at or before the edge of a penetration.

• Fall Arrest - where a ‘Fall Prevention’ solution is not provided where workingat height, ‘Fall Arrest’ apparatus must be used.

• Work positioning system - means an assembly of components capable of restricting a worker’s movement on a work surface and preventing theworker from reaching a location from which he or she could fall.




The Project Manager or Construction Manager is responsible forthe implementation of this Health and Safety Standard and that it is verified by regular audits.


• Legal Requirements

◆ As a minimum all applicableregulatory requirements shall be met.

◆ Local legislative requirements will take precedence over these (Hatch) Standards, except in those cases where the Hatch Standard calls for more stringent...
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