Trucos ron 2

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Hay que pulsar CTRL SHIFT ENTER para abrir la consola, despues poner lo siguiente:
helpmepresidentwashingsky --> Other nations accept your trade proposals(??)
yesiamalazyplayer --> ??itoldyou2012wastheend --> Not 100% sure. End of the world (end game)
watergateforeveryone --> ???
welovetheworld --> All countries now are "green" (ally of your country)
nelsonmandelapower --> Edit:Countries more favorable economically, strategically
ilovecheetahs --> Opens up console window for debug commands
ihopetheywillnotputschme --> Adds 5-star military (tanks/launchers/cruisers etc)trustmeyeswecan --> ALL people like you (everyone in character screen)
whereismyslushfund --> Varying results, (increase gdp, lower deficit)
mypeopleloveme --> Increase popularity by 10%

Todosellos con la primera letra en mayuscula y una exclamacion al final.

Luego en la consola se puede hacer lo siguiente:
It will give you a list of all commands you can do.
Thecommands are:
instruction [param] (optional parameter)
man [instruction] -> gives you more info on each command
statistics -> Shows calculations for assassination probabilities
secretpopularity-> Not sure? It showed me my secret objective is to get to 80% popularity. OR it switches your secret objective to have 80% popularity.
stringasc [code]
switchnation [nation] -> Really neat.Switch to run any other nation. The nations are listed by number. (Ex: "switchnation 1" to switch to Afghanistan)
whatisthisnation [nation] -> used for the above command. (ex: "whatisthisnation 1" willtell you Afghanistan (1) )
fleshoutthisgraph [code] [months] [growth] --> Seems to change some graphs but I haven't figured it out yet.

Aquí dejo algunas cosas que he descubierto por experiencia,algunas cosas son de guías anteriores pero como son mías pues no habrá problema.

-Popularidad 100%
Para subir la popularidad hay 3 puntos básicos a tener en cuenta, el primero es el de ir a...
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