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What a tsunami is and its preventions
When a body of water, such as an ocean is rapidly displaced on a massive scale then we call it tsunami. It Is a series of waves. The effects of a tsunami canrange from unnoticeable to devastating. There are various reasons behind the tsunami.
• earthquakes.
• mass movements.
• Volcanic erosions.
• Under water explosions.
• Meteorite impacts.
The termtsunami comes from the Japanese language meaning harbour. tsunami is used for both the singular and plural. The term was created by fishermen.
• it happens when the sea floor abruptlydeforms and vertically displaces the overlying water.
• It also happens because of the large vertical movements of the Earth’s crust can occur at plate boundaries.
• Subduction earthquakes areparticularly effective in generating tsunamis.
• Too much stress is put on the lip and it snaps back, sending shockwaves through the Earth’s crust, causing a tremor under the sea, known as an UnderseaEarthquake.
• Sub-marine landslides and collapses of volcanic edifices may also disturb the overlying water column.
• Violent submarine volcanic eruption can uplift the water column and form a tsunami.Signs of an approaching tsunami:
• An earthquake may be felt.
• Large quantities of gas may bubble to the water surface and make the sea look as if it is boiling.
• The water in the waves may beunusually hot.
• The water may smell of rotten eggs or of petrol or oil.
• A thunderous boom may be heard then a a roaring noise as of a jet plane or a whistling sound.
• The water may sting theskin.
• A flash of red light might be seen near the horizon.
• The sea may recede to a considerable distance.
Warnings and preventions:
• Regions with a high risk of tsunamis may use tsunamiwarning systems to detect tsunamis and warn the general population before the wave reaches land.
• Computer models can roughly predict tsunami arrival and impact based on information about the event...
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