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I was very disturbed to learn that you met with Penelope without my knowledge to discuss my performance. As I said in my memo to you April 21, the situation between me and Penelope has been building for some time, and it has nothing to do with my perfomance.

Here´s one example: last week when the two of us were meeting with the client rep, she contradicted me right in front of him. I had beenexplaining the timing of the rollout, and she jumped right.We're using this schedule. And then she handed the client a printout with a schedule I had never even seen, much less agreed to.
That was not the first time that she has made decisions regardin the Pnobscott account behind my back and then embarrased me in front of the client. At first,I attributed her behavitor to the fact that she wasnot used to communicating from an off site location. As you know, it has been only two months since she began working part time from home wich was just when the Pnobscott project was getting under way.In fact, when I voiced my concerns to her, she said she´d had difficulty with her E mail but that se'd consulted with the other members of the team and the problem wouldn't happen again.

But as Iconsidered her excusses and thought about her behavitor, I realized my initial theory wasn't plausible. I have been working outside of the office for over a year now, and I know that isn't that difficult to stay in touch. And so I must conclude that her behavitor is not about being off site it is a personal vendetta of some kind against me and other members of the team, other members of the teamwho are off site feel the same way. If this situation is not resolved soon, I fear that I will have to consider alternative employment. Please respond immediately.

It was 1:45 on friday. Maggie Pinto, head of human resources at impresions corporation, finished reading the printout of the E-mail and whistled softly. Sitting across the desk from her, Craig Bedell, head of the businessto-business division, nodded."Of course, I E-mailed Allison right back to let her know that my meeting with penny was strictly to discuss the Pnobscott campaign. I wrote that we had not discussed penny´s relations with the other team members. And I called her as well and left a similar message on her voice mail. Then I thought about it some and called her again, leaving a message that I wanted to seeher with Penny-in my office on Monday at 9:30.Right after I did that, I left a mesage for penny telling her the same thing.

"I have to say, Maggie, I ´m at a loss. I mean,sure I know what to do at the meeting on Monday. I´m going to tell them both, gently, that I understand that there has been some conflict between them, and then I'm going to use all of my skills as a facilitator and manager,he paused, smiling,"to get them to put all their cards on the table and work through the problem."
Yo estaba muy turbado al enterarse de que usted se reunió con Penélope sin mi conocimiento para hablar de mi rendimiento. Como dije en mi nota para el 21 de abril la situación entre el yo y Penélope ha estado construyendo desde hace algún tiempo, y no tiene nada que ver con mirendimiento.

Aquí está un ejemplo: la semana pasada cuando los dos se reunieron con el representante del cliente, me contradijo justo en frente de él. Yo había estado explicando el momento del lanzamiento, y ella saltó de nuevo right.We "con este programa. Y luego le entregó al cliente una copia impresa con un horario que nunca había visto, y mucho menos de acuerdo.
Esa no era la primera vez que ella hatomado decisiones Regardin la cuenta Pnobscott detrás de mi espalda y luego me avergonzó delante del cliente. Al principio, atribuyó su behavitor al hecho de que no estaba acostumbrada a la comunicación desde una ubicación fuera del sitio. Como ustedes saben, ha sido sólo dos meses desde que comenzó a trabajar a tiempo parcial desde su casa que fue justo cuando el proyecto estaba en Pnobscott...
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