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Write these sentences into the passive.
1. Mum bought me a little dog yesterday.
I was bought a little dog by Mum yesterday.
2. My brother buys a CD every month.
A CD is bought by my brother every month.
3. Susan teaches English to her brothers and sisters.
Susan’s brothers and sisters are taught English by her.
4. John gave a box of pencils to his mate lastweek.
John’s mate was given a box of pencils by him last week.
5. Mary fell on the floor.
It can’t be transformed because it has neither DO nor IO.
6. Did you bring him his money?
a) You brought him his money
b) He was brought his money (by you)
c) Was he brought his money (by you)?
7. Where does she read the newspaper every morning?
a) She reads the newspaperevery morning
b) The newspaper is read (by her) every morning
c) Is the newspaper read (by her) every morning?
d) Where is the newspaper …?
8. She doesn’t take the children to school by car.
The children aren’t taken to school (by her) by car.

Write the sentences into the active.
1. We are always given a lot of homework by our teacher.
Our teacher always gives us a lotof homework
2. She was lent my book by me, but it wasn’t given back to me by her.
I lent her my book, but she didn’t give it back to me
3. Is this car usually driven by your brother?
a) This car is usually driven by your brother
b) Your brother usually drives this car
c) Does your brother usually drive this car?

4. Were all the biscuits eaten by the children?
a)All the biscuits were eaten by the children
b) The children ate all the biscuits
c) Did the children eat all the biscuits?
5. A lot of cars are sold in this city every year.
They sell a lot of cars in this city every year
6. He was shown the picture.
They showed him the picture

Write the sentences either in the active or the passive.
1. This magazine was printed in May.They printed this magazine in May
2. These men clean windows.
Windows are cleaned by these men
3. My daughter watches television in the afternoons.
Television is watched by my daughter in the afternoons
4. Those shoes aren’t brought by her.
She doesn’t bring those shoes
5. Your parents should have been given back the money.
They should have given your parents the money back
6. Mary isannounced an award.
They announce an award to Mary
7. This meal must have been cooked by a great cook.
A great cook must have cooked this meal
8. Your child will be well brought up.
They will bring your child up well
9. That kind of remarks ought to be left out in class.
You ought to leave out that kind of remarks in class
10. She read all the conditions carefully before joining in.All the conditions were carefully read by her before joining in
11. The students have chosen John their delegate.
John has been chosen their delegate by the students
12. Each student will be handed out an extra sheet for the exam.
The teacher / They will hand out each student an extra sheet for the exam

13. The top shelves had to be cleaned up by the adults, the children weren’t allowedto go up the ladders.
The adults had to clean up the top shelves, they didn’t allow the children to go up the ladders
14. Have these tasks been completed?
a) These tasks have been completed
b) They have completed these tasks
c) Have they completed these tasks?
15. Why did no one bring us our money?
a) No one brought us our money
b) We weren’t brought ourmoney
c) Weren’t we brought our money?
d) Why weren’t we brought our money?
16. Why was the cake being taken out of the oven so soon?
a) The cake was being taken out of the oven so soon
b) They were taking the cake out of the oven so soon
c) Were they taking the cake out of the oven so soon?
d) Why were they taking …?
17. Who taught you to drive?
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