Union europea

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The EU is a world-class trader and investor. Five of top ten most competitive countries in the world are EU member states. It is among the most important economic partners for almost all otherregions. But now it is going through difficulties as high degree of energy dependence, financial shocks and aging and shrinking population. The EU's role on the world stage depends on its ability andpropensity to utilize its strenghts and competitiveness among its members.
EU has eight priorities which deserves immediate attention. First of them is to get the recovery right. Financial and fiscalreforms are needed but without undermining the EU's return of growth. According to the second is the necessity of growth of productivity which would permit EU to maintain its position among the worldforces. The third is to complete the Single Market which is the bedrock of European integration. This would provide EU countries in a world of continental-sized players. The next priority says thatservices are the biggest untapped source of economic growth. They could delivery more than 600 000 new jobs and economic growth of at least 0,6-1,5 % of GDP. The fifth one is to control the link between theproduction of wealth and the consumption of resources. Another very important task is the innovation. EU should pay more attention to social innovation, process innovation, services innovation anduser innovation. The seventh priority is the increase of the potential of the people to manage demographic challenges and develop skills for a knowledge- based economy. The last one is to convert in afocal point for the international exchange of ideas, people, capital, goods, services and energy innovation.
The competitive position of EU depends on six critical interdependencies: goods, services,energy, money, people and innovation. Through them EU’S connection in 12 other world regions is shown: North America, Wider Europe, Japan, China, Rising Asia, India, Russia, the Middle East, Africa,...
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