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Below presents a profound analysis and research about eating or not eating meat, you can have your own point of view and analyze the pros and cons of diet choice. 'll see how it affects your health and benefaction they have. So that you are more informed about what is happening around you and there are many diets that you can take in your life either for better quality of yourlife or simply for pleasure.
We invite you to read the following research where you will find a variety of reasons, studies and research.

I really want to eat meat?
Many people say that eating meat is totally necessary, but I think that this is not a valid argument for someone you chose to stop eating meat in his life.

Vegetarianism is not a fad but a choice of healthier life, so if you donot give good reasons no one left to do and everyone thought that the meat is very beneficial, although not as bad as many people eat it has many negative aspects for both the environment and our bodies.
There are different types of vegetarians but none of these kills anomalous only because of pleasure in eating meat:
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: does not eat meat, poultry or fish, but includes dairyproducts and eggs in the diet along with plant-based foods.

Lacto Vegetarian: Excludes all animal products except dairy products. Includes all plant-based foods in the diet.

Ovo Vegetarian: Excludes all animal products except eggs. Includes all plant-based foods in the diet.

Pure Vegetarian or Vegan: Some make a distinction between half vegetarian and pure vegetarian, considering that purevegetarian eats no animal flesh, no dairy products or eggs, and follows a strict diet based on plants only for dietary reasons.

Instead vegetarians follow a diet consisting of only plant-based foods, but also are committed to a philosophy that respects animal life and ecology of the planet.

As a result, vegetarians do not eat honey because many bees are killed in the process of forcedprocreation to maintain the hive and honey production maintained.

Vegetarians do not take sugar, because sugar is clarified over animal bones in the final stages of refinement.

Vegetarians also avoid gelatin made from bones and connective tissue of animals.

As vegetarians consider the ecology of the planet a priority along with concern for animal rights, they shun the use of leather, wool,silk, and any food or economic that has been treated using animal products. Their concern is that future resources of the planet have been harmed and animals have suffered for these products come to market.

Fruitarian: The fruitarian has a simple diet consisting only of fresh fruits and some foods that are technically considered fruits, but have been used as vegetables. These vegetables / fruitsinclude cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocados.

Raw foodist: Those who follow the raw food diet include all fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, soaked and sprouted grains and legumes. Further, the raw foodist does not cook or heat foods, only eat in their raw natural state to preserve valuable enzymes.

Live food vegan diet: Those who follow the living foods vegetarian diet include a variety of freshfruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, soaked and sprouted grains and legumes. In addition, some of your meals warmed in a dehydrator with a temperature controller. To preserve the valuable enzymes that raw foods contain, some foods can be heated as much at 105 degrees, although some will tolerate a little more heat, 115 degrees.

It has been found that vegetarian diets are associated with a lowerlikelihood of various conditions such as heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. The risk of these diseases is reduced in vegetarians because they eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, polyunsaturated fat and less cholesterol and saturated fat than others. However, it must avoid the extremes where the possibility of nutritional deficiencies is higher. For example,...
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