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For the Last Time

Looking out the window this seemed a day like any other. I wanted to go to the White House Laboratory to continue my investigation.
Stop, I’ll tell you about myfamily and me first. My name is Marc. I’m the best scientist in the whole world and my dad is the president of United Estates and my mom died when I was four, I barely remember her. Fortunately I have asister that resembles a lot to her. My sister’s name is Ashley; she’s older than me.
I arrived at my laboratory and my dad and Ashley greeted me. I like and enjoy a lot my work. I like volcanoes andmy boss told me to do a research about them. It’s an interesting topic and Ashley loves it. In my laboratory I found out a lot of amazing facts about volcanoes. When I’m looking at their history Ifind out that something is very wrong. The volcanoes are not reacting like they should for more than 35 years and that they are starting to shake more fiercely more often, it’s not normal. Most of thevolcanoes that were active suddenly are a sleep. If I follow the pattern it tells me that they are all supposed to react at the same time.
The world was going to end and the future was going to change.I know I have to tell my Dad and my family but I don’t know how. All I know is that it’s too big to stop. All the research and the NASA together wouldn’t be able to stop it. I know they could try butonly they would loose precious time to pass with their families and have fun.

All I could make out at the moment is that there could still be life on the planet because it’s not going tobreak into pieces. I’m so distracted by everything that was happening that I think I was right. Normally I’m one hundred percent right now only about ninety percent. Also I figured out in the morningthat the world was going to end at about 9:50 p.m.
Today was the last day that we had of life. It’s daybreak and I’m spending time with my family, but I knew we are having fun for the last time....
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