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Video games

Video games and digital media, are starting to detonate in this century, jet they are underated, they are a new art and a new way of comunication, they shape our culture. It’s time we took them seriously. (Jenkins 1)

II. Art
What is art? Now and then
A new way of seeing art

Ludic way of learning.
Helping kids with authism.

Are video games the reason of violence?
Pros & Cons

V. Industry of video games

VII. Conclusion

Videogames merge from the idea of Nolan Bushnell to join computing with video. The first game ever to be comercialized was Pong, basen in the idea of Willy Higginbotham developed to Odyssey in 1973. But the popularity and the final difusion came with PacMan, created byTory Iwatami in 1977; Space Invaders, was created by Nishikado in 1978; and Tetris, by Pajitnov and Paulowski in 1985. Since its beginnings to the present time, videogames have progressively changed from a hobby for ingeneering studens to the most powerfull leisure industry. In order to gain a better understanding of this phenomenon it is necessary to look over the path of its transformation froma retrospecive point of view. Besides, it is crucial to address their implications in contemporary visual culture, along with current prejudices against them.
This text tries to creat a different look to videogames. A vision that moves away from perjudice and placing them as a important matter, because of its implication in the different social environments of today. Video games, are starting todetonate in this century, jet they are underated, they are a new art and a new way of comunication, they shape our culture. It’s time we took them seriously. (Jenkins 1) They have reached a great cultural and economic importance, video games have been an important factor on technological innovation. Right now they are the gateway for children and youth in the new tecnologies. By videogameschildren acquire skills and develop various skills, the most important deals with the familiarization of new technologies, appreciation and mastery. Therefore videogames are currently a key element to socialize in the world of new technologies.
Its all about audiovisual products, that properly used, can have a great potential for intellectual and psycomotor abilities to develop in the elderly andadolecents. Videogames transmit values making an impact depending on the gamer age, sex and personal aspects of the social sorroundings. The impact that video games have had on society in the las 30 years is a phenomenon that has not yet been studied in depth by social researchers. The idea that technologies "impact" on people and society. Lets think about video games as tools to relate and noislate. That is, the network of relationships, dialogue and emotions that can be promoted through these gaming practices, both in the home and elsewhere. They are an incomprehensible phenomenon, society seems almost incapable of giving them meaning, as in contemporary art, which may not assume traditional criticism in the tool to analyze and structure a review, just describe as being work. This iswhat happens to videogames, most of the media is limited to consider the graphics, or videogame adaptation to a Hollywood film. In the same way as in a movie review, or disk book. But videogames, such as contemporary art, can not enter in these traditional categories.
Art is crearly an abrstract concept, as the world changes such as contexts and as context changes so does meaning. Society isresponsible for the change in definition of art. The general unchanging definition is given by the Encyclopedia Britannica “A visual object or experience conciously created through an expression of skill or imagination”. Art is form and content.
If we organize a timeline about how the deffinition of art have changed along the years this will be it: Art in the middle ages was seen as an...
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