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WATER: Water care is very important even though many think that water is a finite resource, it can be renewed are wrong but there comes a time when I can not unless wetake preventive measures to excessive water consumption and misuse it in some activities.
Most people do nothing to save water if not the opposite, not only do not save ifyou do not spend more than usual by the thought that water is infinite, let's put a stop to this evil water spending household do something to save water and make a greenerworld To remember that not only it is the saving of the water that is in use in the homes if not also the care of your seas, rivers, lagoons etc, not only in order that tosave and to protect the water but also for all those animals and ecosystems that depend on our Blue mineral.
All these natural places are important For the development ofthe life in the planet because of it we have to take care of them in order that the Following generations could Enjoy It.
They are many of the measures that can bein use for the saving of this so important not alone mineral in our life if not also in each of the alive beings who are in our planet, one of the ways to save water arethe following ones:
1. To keep the water jets closed when they are not used
2. When the plates are washed not to last the time in which you soap the plates with theopened jet
3. Short showers administering well the water it was helping to save the water
4. To check that the faucets are closed well
5. Not to throw garbage or materialsthat the agua contaminate or that are not of an easy degradation
6. To avoid the excessive use of the water in activities as for example the cleanliness of the home.
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