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MySpace, Facebook or Twitter?
Internet, the easiest and fastest of all medias today. Internet has set new standards in velocity and efficiency. The world is changing everyday, andit is all about services; web pages are not the exception and they must compete with each other hourly for the attention of the social market. This race has left 3 competitorsfighting for 1 place, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Lately there has been a lot of speculation about who is the favorite, why it is the favorite and how many people prefer it.
Recentsurveys reveal Facebook is ahead, followed by MySpace and then Twitter. A big reason asked teenager gave was “Facebook is less emo than MySpace”, emo meaning sad, dark and gothic. Althoughexperts actually find this two pages very alike, the only difference they find is the sensation of Facebook, meaning that the only real fact that it removed MySpace for the 1 place wasits characteristic of being “new”.
There is a great expectancy of having Facebook “having some of its own medicine”. Twitter is recent social webpage and it is gaining fans reallyquick, celebrities are spreading their ideas and rumor through it rather than in an interviews. Its asset of having a new idea in communication has made of it a good prospect as asubstitute of Facebook. Number having still thrown a real threat for Facebook or MySpace, but there is no doubt they soon will.
This situation can presents us a view of the reality thatmany people live everyday. The old and experts (MySpace) are falling behind and loosing homogeneity, and the youngest (Facebook, and Twitter) competing for the throne. Future is notwriter in stone, and no one still knows what will happen. In this type scenario the only one who have a certain win are the user, who will enjoy of new applications, games and updates.

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