What is a teacher

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What is a teacher?

A teacher is one who has prior knowledge which are shared with students in different ways depending on the style of each person to transmit this knowledge.

Often students wonderwhy certain classes are boring and they often fail to have the answer to your question.

There are different ways of teaching and different types of teachers. Within these we find them boringteachers are those teachers that all the time is spent working with the textbook, are those that only they spend answering the book and reading the same book is his bible, likewise there are also teachersdictate that only those who are always right in everything they say and do, that all the time they spend talking in a monotone, who loses students who are talking and not stop it, there are teacherswho are responsible for the students to be inactive.

I think in this kind of teachers we find today, who will forget the teacher who does not want anyone to speak or not to be disturbed that in itsclass, it is a sorrow that still exist today such teachers, teenagers today are more worried what brings us to that we as teachers become more dynamic and not fall into the routine as we mentionProdromou luke reading "how to be a boring teacher" so I personally agree with this author because reading gives us the reality that is happening in our country and within our schools, from my point of view Ithink it would be appropriate that we work more on our momentum to form a quality education and that students are not left in a fragile knowledge but to achieve more than that.

With this you couldsay that if our next get a professional and profitable entrepreneurial future for both our country and your personal and professional life is left behind and not the traditionalism not bored teenagersIn Site is contrary to the study.

Finally to close this little analysis of how we want to be relevant as future teachers think we have to start learning not to take the routine in our practice...
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