When it’s all too much

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I believe we must give thanks to God for what we have. But also I think it is not bad to have a bit more than what we already have, for example, we set goals in life and where we want to do more toperform better in this knowledge. For example when you are in college you want to end that is your goal, but when we get what we want now is to get a degree and continue to grow in studies.

Whenwe finished that, now the next goal is to get a good job in order to develop all the knowledge they acquired at the stage of studies. Then the next goal that we are able to be the best employee wherewe are working well and able to continue to rise to positions within the company where they work.

Another thing that people want and want much more than what you have is money, because it is one ofthe things that more material is needed, if we do not have money can have many economic problems, because we cannot buy things they want or many Sometimes we need.
But there is a problem with peoplethat if you have enough money to be able to go forward or there are many people who have much more money you need, but that people want more, I do not understand because they want more, maybe it isbecause love money, but want nothing more occasions for keeping the money and do not know where to spend it or give it an advantage that they can use. There are people who have a lot of excess moneyand help these people but many times more people who have no money, for example in Mexico, there are people who have a lot of money and assistance to children who have no place to live or were abandonedby their parents when they were kids, then that people want to have more of what you have to be able to help people who do not have it. Another thing that money can do is make people happy, but onlyon the one hand, I say this because if we do not have money can not buy things and if we can not buy things is where the money for influence that we can not be happy, unfortunately is one of the...
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