Why do i have to conform with society expectations?

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Why do I have to conform with society expectations?

In my opinion the Puerto Rican society is very conservative. As a result it expects me to conform with certain outdated norms. I consider thatmy society has a double standard based in gender, age, social status, place and behavior. At home, usually, girls do not have the same liberties that boys do. Women are supposed to be in perfectbehavior at all the time, while men are not force to do the same. Age is a factor that contributes to different treatment in my society. The younger the individual is, the less respect he gets fromsociety. Wealthy people get privileges that poor people do not. People expect different behavior from different social classes. I have to conform to these rules but I do not think I should.Technology has exposed our generation to a different and more flexible style of living and we have a different vision than our ancestors.
In our current society, even though the behavior norms are the samefor everybody, each generation applies those norms according to its age and experiences. For example, a child behaves differently than an adult. Among my experiences as a teenager, I can identifythat society expects an adult oriented behavior rather than a childlike one. This implies that I should assume more responsibilities. The place where I am at also demands a specific behavior. Thenorms do not change, but the way to express them according to the situation does. In my school environment, teachers expect the students to be punctual, responsible for their tasks, attentive in class,to wear the correct uniform, to speak in a low voice and to be tolerant toward others. In church, a teenager should be quiet to show respect and wear appropriate clothing. This changes if I am at thebeach where I can speak louder and wear a different kind of clothes. It is obvious that society is watching us because we are no longer children but youngsters soon to become adults and will be...
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