Writting a process

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I. Definition of process:

A process is a group of sentences that tells a sequence that describes either how to dosomething or how something works. A process is also a series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result. It helps you explain the steps necessary to complete a task. And it is part ofour daily lives.

II. The steps:

A process paragraph should include a series of connected steps. The steps included must have a logical order.

In other words, the process for writing aprocess is to:

1) Think
2) List the steps involved in the process
3) Write a paragraph describing the process
4) Clearly describe each step

III. Example:

Getting a deal on wheels
Findinga reliable used car at an affordable price requires both planning and persistence. A good starting point is narrowing down the type car you want or need. Be realistic. You may envision yourselfcruising around town in a little convertible, but that won’t leave much room for the kids and dogs. Once you’ve settled on the basic vehicle, do some researches to find out which vehicles have goodreliability ratings. The internet and books like Lemonade can help you pick out the high maintenance turkeys. The next step is finding the model you are looking for. Used car lots will give you an idea ofprice, but they can be expensive and full of used car salesmen. Check your local paper, car buyers’ magazines and the internet. When you finally track down what looks like the perfect car, the last stepis the test drive and inspection. If the car drives well and looks good, arrange to have your mechanic inspect it. Never omit this step. After your mechanic gives the car the OK, all that’s left is tohaggle over the price.


Step 1: a Topic sentence
Step 2: narrowing down the type of the car you want
Step 3: do research on the car with good rating
Step 4: finding the model you...
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