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Samantha Pardo Carmona 4ºB

Hello! My name is Samantha and 15 years old I have a brother and a sister. My hobby is to draw and to read, my favoritecolor is the blue and what more I like they are animals, before tape-worm many animals but now anly I have two: a tortoise and a cat is called LunaLuz de Estrella. I am charmed with being with people but I hate the jokes I do not like to speak hatred publicly either and I do not like to give myopinion.
When I am in class I do not speak very much, but if they put me next to any crumb they are in the habit of being calling me the attention. Iextract good notes in the examinations but lately I do not strain the sufficient thing.
Live in a floor that has trees rooms, a salon, a kitchen anda bath.
I share room with my small sister, my room has a bed under other one that is extracted in order that my sister sleeps, I have a couple ofracks with a heap of felt in them, my cupboard is full of clothes and does not take everything in because of it only I have the clothes of a station ofthe year.
In the week-end I go out with my friends and we go to the cinema, of shops or us we go to giving a return for the neighborhood. But when Iam in my people I go out with my premium and his friends, we are in the habit of going to the park of the céspez, to the river or to the treesrtawberry, when we get bored start turning for the neighborhoods to happen the evening but almost always we finish in house of someone because we get bored.
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