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The analysis PVT that I fulfil in this Well called Deimos Not 1 of the integral assets Poza Rica-Altamira it was An Express due to the fact that in this one one did not find water body. Ulizaron different types of samplings that were taken to the Laboratory of Rich Puddle to be analyzed detailed and this way to be able to realize the corresponding Graphs inevery case since it was of the Liquid, Gas and of the Oil. Due to the information obtained on the well I come to him to the conclusion from that is one

The PVT Express is a system for analysis of fluids in field, with the intention of providing information of fluid of the rapid and reliable deposit.
By means of this technology there can be analyzed samples from any source,such as:
· Samples of disclosed hole: Tool MDT
· Samples of well entubado: Samples of bottom taken with lines of steel and strings tests
· Samples of compress of the well (Under single-phase conditions)
The PVT Express consists of 4 different modules:
1. PVT-XPM. East consists of the cell PVT and a unit of transfer, of high pressure which allows to obtain the properties of the fluid topressure and temperature of reservoir.
2. PVT-XPI. It shows the information XPM and turns them into a digital series in order that they could be registered real time by a computer.
3. PVT-XPC. Portable chromatograph with double oven which can analyze hydrocarbons; gases up to CL and liquids up to C30 +, density and viscosity.
4. PVT-XGRO. System to measure the RGA. In addiction to these modules,a densimeter and a viscosimeter they are used to obtain properties of the oil to conditions of the tank.

In this report Deimos No1 appears information of the analysis of the fluid and information predicted by Neural Networks for the sample taken in the well. The samples of bottom were taken to the Laboratory of Rich Puddle later to analyze an analysis PVT Express.COMMENTS
Due to the fact that the static pressure of the measured depth of the shots was of: 909,87 km/cm2 and the pressure of saturation found to 159,08 °C was of 217,92 kg/cm2 we can conclude that the deposit is low saturated.
The studied fluid corresponds to Black Oil. The gravity API and RGA are the most conclusive information that have to of usarcé for such an affirmation. The sample Ido not present a water cut therefore there was proceeded to use the analysis PVT Express

The following articles show the principal results of the preliminary validation realized to the sample of bottom received:
· 3 surface samples (head of the well), thought by Pemex in the well Deimos No1, were received for analysis of preliminary fluids. The samples werehomogenized to the temperatures of validation for 3 days.
· The analysis of the received samples indicates that the saturation pressure of the same ones is below the static pressure of bottom supplied by the client, which awards him to the samples typical of sub-saturation.
· Of the results of this study PVT it is possible to conclude that the analyzed fluid is black oil.

The gas of the flash and the residual liquid obtained from the flash up to atmospheric conditions of the single-phase samples were used for compositional analysis, using gas chromatography. The compositions were re-combined mathematically in agreement by the relation Gas Oil (RGA) obtained of the flash to calculate the composition of the single-phase fluid. These resultsappear in the respective tables of this report.

The study of the constant composition I carry out to the temperature of the deposit 159,08 °C. The fluid I present a saturation pressure. Pb = 217,59 kg/cm2 and one compressibility of pressure of bubble of 5,186 x 10-4 x 1 / (kg/cm2).

I carry out a study of Differential...
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