A walk to remember

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A Walk to Remember
I’ll like to talk about my favourite movie, called A Walk to Remember, who was released in January 25th 2002 in the USA. The movie is based on a novel of the same name, wrote byNicholas Sparks in 1999. A Walk to Remember was directed by Adam Shankman and starring by Shane West and Mandy Moore. The genre of the film is romance and drama.
The movie is about how two teenagers,Landon Carter (Shane West) and Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), meet and fall in love. The Story begins when Landon and his friends get into trouble and get a boy in hospital. As punishment, Landon hasto do community service, tutor children on the weekends, and participate in the drama club's spring musical. There he meets Jamie, who is the reverend's daughter, an unpopular outsider girl; she hasnothing in common with Landon.
Landon can't act, so he asks to Jamie for help with his scripts. She decides to help him, but with one condition, he has to promise not fall in love with her. Heaccepts, and thinks that that is not a problem. Then he begins to spend a lot of time with her and notices, how beautiful person Jamie is. Landon discovers too that Jamie has a wish list of all things shewants to achieve in life, which includes get a tattoo, be at two different places in the same time and make a telescope, but she doesn't tell what her number one wish is.
But Landon stills has aproblem, he doesn't want to his friends to know, that Jamie is helping him with the play. Jamie doesn't like the idea and she departs from him.
In the presentation of the spring musical, Landon kissesJamie, although that isn't in the scripts. A day after the presentation Landon asks her out, but he has to ask Jamie's father for permission. He allows her to go to dinner with Landon. They begin to fallin love from that night as Landon helps her accomplish things on her wish list.
All is going perfect, until Jamie tells Landon about her secret, she has leukaemia and has stopped responding to...
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