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Jagged Alliance takes place on a south Atlantic island of Metavira, a fictional former nuclear testing site. The nuclear testing altered some trees on the island, and several years later it wasdiscovered by a scientist (Brenda Richards) that those trees, known as Fallow trees, produce unique sap that prove to be a medical marvel. However, Brenda also discovered that the trees couldn’t reproduce.Her assistant (Lucas Santino) realized how profitable this sap would be and managed to convince the leader of the scientific mission (Jack Richards) that it would be beneficial to have twoindependent science teams, and consequently established a new base on the other side of the island. He immediately began to recruit new people and gradually took over the island by force.

When the gamebegins, the player has been contacted by Jack Richards and invited to the island. There, Brenda and her father request that the player hire mercenaries through an organization called A.I.M. to take backthe island from Lucas Santino’s forces sector by sector.

[edit] Gameplay
Players start in their room. There the player end the beginning of every day and starts when he first time loads the game.There the player can load and save saves, change settings, access the computer to hire new mercenaries or sleep to begin the next day. The player can only recruit up to eight mercenaries and they areall in single team. Some characters won't agree to join your team from the start, as they want to see if you can be trusted to lead them in hostile territory.

When player starts a new day he istransferred to screen that displays Metavira in a square grid. The map and its terrain also includes information like how many Fallow trees is in the sector, is the sector enemy or player controlled, howmany players own guards and tappers are in the sectors that he can add and decrease at will, enemy forces when they invade player owned sectors. Player can also decide what mercenaries and equipment...
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