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Dear parents:
I am excited about having your child in my class this year. My Objective as a Kindergarten teacher is to give your child an positive and lasting impression of learning and formaleducation. Support, love and motivation will make your child feel more confident to take chances and his or her best.
Kindergarten is a very important year to learn social skills and interact ina class. To learn how to share, cooperate, work with others and solve problems is hard work. To Structure this lessons the following expectation will be utilized in our classroom:
ImportantRules we follow:
1. We treat everybody else the same way we want to be treated.
2. We trust we can solve our problems by ourselves using the 3 step strategies: Use nice words, move awayand ask for help.
3. When we solve our problems we apologize, say an honest sorry and sometimes we shake our hands and hug.
4. We raise our hand to ask for help
5. We keep our handsand feet for ourselves.
My expectations for my students are:
1. Be respectful of other´s feelings and property
2. Use Nice words to speak to others
3. Listen to the teacher. Followdirections.
4. Keep the classroom clean.
5. Share with others.

If a student chooses not to comply with an expectation for behavior, the following consequences will be implemented:
1.Verbal Warning .
2. Time Out (5 min depending on age)
3. Hold teacher´s hand while others does an assignment or activity
4. A note of bad behavior to parents.
Severe Clause: the studentwill earn a visit to the Principal Office if he/she:
* Fight or Hurt somebody
* Dismiss Teacher directions.
* Disturbing the class and not follow directions.
0n the other hand, if thestudent is exhibiting appropriate behavior will receive a Reward:
1. Line leader / Door Holder
2. Teacher “assistant”
3. Sticker or Stamp (good listener, following directions, clean up...
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