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Simple Present (interrogative)
1. Write questions as in the example.

1. You / speak English. Do you speak English?

2. She / work hard.Does she work hard?

3. They / have dinner at eight DO they have dinner at eight?

4. Jill and Tom / study at universityDo they study at university?

5. You / do your homework every day Do you do your homework every day?

6. John / watch TV after dinner. Does john watch TV afterdinner?

7. He / wash the car at the weekend. Does he wash the car at the weekend?

8. Her friends / live in London. Do they live in London?

9. You /have any brothers or sisters. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

10. Your friends / go to the cinema very often. Does they go to the cinema very often?

2. Complete thequestions with do or does.

1. .DOES.. she take her dog for a walk in the morning?

2. .DOES..... your friend Paul work in the shop over there?

3. .DO..... they know the answers to the exam?

4...DO.... your parents know that you smoke?

5. .DOES..... Bill teach math’s?

6. Where .DOES...... your sister live?

7. What time ..DOES.... the lessons finish?

8. DO...... you go to the coastin summer?

9. ..DOES.... it rain very often in Ireland?

10. Why ..DO.... they ask so many questions in class?

3. Write short answers to these questions (yes, I do / no, I don´t / yes, shedoes /
no, she doesn´t, ....)

1. Do you speak French? ................ YES, I DO / NO, I DON’T

2. Does your mother like chocolate? ............ YES, SHE DOES/ NO, SHE DOESN’T

3. Do you study alot? .............. YES, I DO/ NO, I DON’T

4. Do you usually watch TV at night? ............ YES, WE DO/ NO, WE DON’T

5. Do you play a musical instrument? ........... YES, I DO/ NO, I DON’T...
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