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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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Dear Host family: Hey my name is I’m an open person I like to meet new people I’m an active girl, I love to be in family moments, most of the time I’m smiling and I also have many friends. Myrelationship with my friends is different than with my family because with my friends I go to the mall I trust them I have many memories with them I go to school with them I go to parties with them and withmy family I spend most of the time and I go to church with them so its different. My mother’s name is Lorena Xacur and my father’s name is Rafael Becerra I have one younger brother named Rafael and 1older sister named Lorena I’m in the middle. I love to do sports nowadays I’m trying gymnastics and soccer. I like to visit new places and to know more about the world. In school I’m very good atmath and English. I've been 2 times at the mathematics Decathlon against many different schools in. The most important thing in my life is to have a good communication with my family, to learn more andto be a good student. Now I am an exchange student in Norway with the AFS program and is awesome I love it and I want to repeat this experience in a new country. I want to be with AFS again because Iwant to live a new experience and get to know new places and new people and show them how the people are and learn more about your culture. The hardest part of my daily life here in Norway is when Igo to school because every day is different and every day we learn more things and we must do our part and study to get through the year. Also I have a little obstacle and it’s the language now I canspeak it and understand it but when I have tests I have to study really hard. I have got many friends and im really included in the social life and also I have learn a lot of their culture and I thinkis awesome. My plans for the future are to be a fashion designer and be a famous one and to be good at that job. I hope to live a wonderful year with you and have a lot of fun with you and I hope I...
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