Chinese new year

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8 February 2011
Chinese New Year

In Chinese New Year, Chinese people regroup with their family to celebrate this importantFestivity. The most important thing of this festival is the dinner on the first day of this festival that all relatives came and enjoy the food that usually are pork, chicken, duck,goose and fish. Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese’s people and some others from the east of Oceania; it also can be called “The Spring Festival” or“Lunar New Year.
The Celebration of the Chinese New Year depends on the lunar calendar, and each year represents one of the twelve animals that came to the Buda before his dead thatare the hen, rabbit, dog, rat, pig, dragon, tiger, horse, snake, bull, sheep and monkey. The Chinese Horoscope and the name of someone depend on the year of birth.
In thetradition of this festival, people visit their relatives before it start, more often the youngest go to the oldest house and gave them some gifts and the child receive a red packetthat contain money and means lucky. Also people clean their house for sweep away the bad luck.

The Chinese people from all the world travel to China and celebrate thisfestivity with their family, but some stay in their country and try to celebrate it like in China, because the Chinese new year are fifteen days of celebration and each day isdifferent.
Chinese New Year is great festival that all people enjoy. There have a lot of food, events, fireworks, and others. Chinese New Year is celebrating each year in differentday according to the lunar calendar. Are about fifteen days of celebration, and each day people do something, like cleaning up the house, visit their relatives and others.
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