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You plugged it and enjoy !!!!


It’s a two by two device, made of biodegradable material, weights about 30 grams. It’s an inalambric chargeruse for computers, televisions, cell phones, fans, etc.


Model: Wiplug $49.99

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Company head quarters is located in Arecibo.


Thomas and Rafael met while attending theUniversity of UPR. Rafael was an electrical engineer, and Thomas a business man. The friendship got along after their graduation. It was the on November 10, 2010 they founded Chustronics Inc®.
It started asa humble company that dedicated on electronics and service. One of their electrical employees, Josue, had an accident and discovered a new way to transmit electricity wirelessly.
Thomas used hisabilities of business and persuaded Francisco to fund the invention and patent it. Right now the company is expanding and enjoying a boom thanks to their line of products known as WI-Plug®.

CareersPositions Available |
Business Administration |
Accounting |
Electrical Technician |
Human Resources |
Marketing |
Electrical Engineering |

Social Responsibility

* Purpose  
The missionof the Chustronics Social Responsibility department is to actively support the communities we serve and to strengthen our global reputation through strategic investment of our people, resources andnetwork.
*  Core Giving Areas
* Emergency and Disaster Relief
* Pedestrian and Child Safety
* Education
* Health and Human Services


Warranty with the storecover s one month.
Warranty with us cover one year.

Warranty does not cover
* Problems that result from: External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, or problems with electrical power...
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