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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2011
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In chemistry it is very important to know that the great varieties of substances are in different states of aggregation: solids, liquids and gases. The properties that each material presents are notonly related to the chemical elements that form part of them, but also come from the form in which the atoms of the elements bond to form new substances and the way in which those aggregates of atomsinteract.
To understand better this, we are going to make an experiment that could help us to classify the different types of chemical bods in a substance by considering some of the physicalproperties that it presents and we are going to classify them as ionic, covalent or metallic. Also we are going to analyze the intermolecular interaction between hydrogen bonds with an experiment with thehair exposing it to heat and humidity to determine the changes and effects that were produced
To do this experiment what we did was first to prove the solubility of substances such as beeswax,granulated sugar, chloride potassium and a copper wire. We added 0.5 ml. of distilled water to one group of these substances and then we added 0.5 of carbon tetrachloride to a second group of the samesubstances and then we observed the results of the combination of substances.
We got very interesting results with these experiments and we arrived to the conclusion that the study of the chemical bonds isof vital importance in the study of chemistry, which make this topic a very interesting and exciting way of understanding chemistry from another point of view.
The chemical bonds arevery important in the study of chemistry and they can be divided in 3 types of bonds: ionic, covalent (which are 2, polar and non-polar) and the metallic bonds and they are the attraction between atomscaused by the sharing of electrons between to atoms. Besides, there is another bond called hydrogen bond and this bond occurs when the hydrogen of one water molecule attract the oxygen of another one...
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