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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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This sculpture represents the goddess of the moon. This goddess it was for the mexicas and it was made in relief.

The figurative for this is non representative because theintention for the makers it wasn’t to make it real.

The plane of this art depends on the angle that you are stand, because the spot varies by the way you’re looking. And in the case of this sculpture it’smore complicated because it has a lot of details everywhere. In my case it was vertical, I saw fist the face of the goddess at the top of the picture and then I was going down to the feet, until a sawevery detail of around.

The balance it’s asymmetric because the arms and legs are separated, every spot has a symbol and it’s not letting any space in blank.

Some lines form the sculpture arethuck representing strongness like the rope on the waist, in the legs and arms, and the ones wrapped in the ankles, we can also see some wavy lines that represents graceful and nature, this are in thepenacho, neck, and arms. Something we can analyze is there are no thin lines in this sculpture because the goddess weren’t weak and the people didn’t think that their gods were this way.

It has adepth of shadows because the way it’s done it’s when they use sharp instrument to remove material from the substance, so this way when it gives him the light we can see better the shadows made for theway it was made.

The shapes in this piece of art are circles representing perfection we can see them in the earrings, penacho, and in the feet, the biomorphic is making the shape of the goddess andsome other decorations, this are representing the living mater.

In this piece I only found one texture, it’s a rough surface and for me it meant strongness on the represented goddess and power forher.

The hue for this are the red, yellow, and blue, the red it’s in almost all the pice representing the skin, the yellow it’s more like a brownish representing the background, and the blue is...
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