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The USA (United States of America)

From the times of the discovery and colonization until today, the united states of America has been one of the most influential, Powerful And Richest Countriesof the whole world. The story of the United States goes from the year 1000 approximately; When English settlers came to the northern part of the American continent and built a small village inJamestown, Virginia, Until July the 4, 1776, when the continental congress signed and approved the independence declaration.

The USA Has a very big territory, Has the biggest army in the world, this may beone of the main causes because it’s so powerful. The main government is the federal government, this is is divided in 52 states with its own government and its own law. The United States of Americais a very populated country, with over 309.605.000 people, some of this people has migrated from many places around the world, looking for the “American Dream”, this American dream is people lookingfor better opportunities like a better job, earn many money or even become famous… For a big part of the people that go there like immigrants or even illegal immigrants is very difficult to progress inthis country, because there many people has the same ideals and is very hard to start working in a good place for earn many money, a good part of this problem is that the United States has a veryexcellent technology, Is the home of the big ones of technology like Microsoft or Apple and giants of the internet like Google and Yahoo!. Now, all this technology causes much pollution and that’s a verybad part of the United States, even knowing all the damage that they cause to the planet, they aren’t committed with the environment and that for some decades later will be fatal.

Summarizing, TheUnited States is one of the most powerful nations on the world and has a very mixed population, From Asians, Africans, Latinos, And people from the whole world, the migration is a very important...