Customers points of view in a global market

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When launching a new manufactured product into de market there are many factors which came into play. Discuss the factors that affect customer’s choices and decide which factors are the most important.

Launching a brand new product manufactured into the market involves a lot of issues, especially when the company selling it is expecting a good portion of the market share and many times thatmarket is very competitive and large. Established companies and entrepreneurs have been looking for the magic key to successfully launch their products. All this process involves different factors related to the product directly and indirectly. Those factors that are going to be examine influence the final choice from the buyers. If a product is very well thought out, it should possess someintrinsic characteristics like: appropriate design, good quality and expected durability; in addition, it has to be complemented by the right marketing strategy, price according to the niche and the name of the brand. Taking into account these intrinsic characteristics and complements is apparently one of the best ways to help a product to succeed into the market. However, the global market isconstantly changing especially during these days when information can be spread easily all over the world. The objective of this essay is to explore how companies could influence customer’s respond in the moment they are buying manufactured products.

Intrinsic characteristics of the products vary enormously depending on niche, culture, age of the customers, country where it is launched, just to namesome, but, there are some fundamental ones to take into account: design, quality and durability. Design represents the first impression to the eye of the customer particularly because it comes associated with the style. Bloch (1995, p.16) states that ‘The physical form or design of a product is an unquestioned determinant of its marketplace success’, certainly if the customer is focus on the productsince the first moment who own the launched product has taken a big step forward. It is well know that some factories use the attraction power of their products to gain more customers. Coca-cola is a good example of this they invested important amounts of money just developing which are today Coca-Cola bottles and cans; as a result, those designs represent an important achievement for the companydue to be a focus for customers consideration (Budden, 2009). Style is important but design means more than just the appearance of the product, some articles can look very good but are not really useful a real design is made when the producer understand exactly the expectations of the customer and how to make their use of the product a great experience.

Quality can be seemed as the stamp ofthe product in customers’ top of mind. If a product has recognition with certain level of quality, it is very difficult to change the way previous customers distinguish it. China is a good example, approximately 20 years ago all over the world people expected products from China with a low quality range. Nowadays, it is different and most of the world productions have being made in China. Onceagain quality is a big sea to describe but in general terms when launching a product it is very important to define the image that is wanted to reflect from the product to the final customer. Products do not have to have the best quality to be successful into the market; there are groups of customers with different economic capacities and expectations in relation between quality and price (Kotler, P.& Armstrong, G., 2010).

Some products make the difference with others because of their durability. Sometimes general customers have necessities that they want to satisfy with a low frequency, it is the case of those that for example after buying a house, a card or may be a sofa, they do not expect to change it in a short or medium time. Most frequently the importance of durability for...
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