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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2010
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That internet will be the death of intellectual property.

Negative teamline: "Information wants to be Free."

Negative arguments:

Internet only publish the things to make it get known by people from all over the world, it’s an instrument to make propaganda of an new idea, or everything that the creator made. If Ares doesn’t exist many artists would not get known because artists could getknown by the people by this media not by a radio program that present the band.
So internet it’s not the death of intellectual property is a way to improve it, because creators of music, videos, movies, etc... will be more famous and successful.

2) Publishers will do best by recognizing and encouraging the complementary contributions of others. Society will do best by recognizing thatsubsequent authors/inventors may make important additions to original contributions. Intellectual property encourages value-adding imitation.

3) Software, protected as a form of intellectual property by patent and copyright law, underlies the operation of all digital technologies. Systems software, including utilities and operating systems, enable our computers to operate, while utilities softwareprovides us with the programs that make the digital networks so useful.
So intellectual property will never death whereas software exist, because is a way to protect the creator and the creation, because anyone could create the same invention.

Positive teamline: “Creations has a price, his results also”

Positive arguments:

1) Growth of the Internet has put pressure on traditionalintellectual property protections such as copyright and patent. Some forms of information, when made accessible on the Internet, are easily copied. Because the costs of copying are low and because copying is often anonymous.
So people prefers to copy instead of create something new because is easier, there is a insured success, and is cheaper.

Creative activity typically involves substantial developmentcosts. Artists, authors and inventors are not necessarily motivated exclusively or even primarily by the prospect of financial gain. Nevertheless, the potentially high expense of originating, developing and distributing creative works imply that many creators need a financial return to recoup their development costs. This return provides the "innovation incentive." If a work is copied, theoriginal author/inventor may lose potential sales and profits, and thus an environment that permits copying reduces the innovation incentive.

3) Internet is replacing TV, radio, magazines and books. All this things have intellectual property because to get to them you have to win them by paying a value. So internet is killing intellectual property because with internet you get to this thing, theseinformations, and creations free.

That our sporting heroes don’t deserve our admiration.

Negative teamline: “Heroes are those who contribute positive things for the World”

Negative arguments:

1) It is easy for kids to admire professional athletes who stand out in their sport. This admiration often takes the form of “hero worship” and gives kids someone to mimic in their path to adulthood.Just like their heroes, most kids can easily see themselves making the winning score or receiving the praise and lifestyle that comes with success.
So this will stimulate kids to work at life, persevere to get what they want and to be success in life. Favorite sports heroes often are more than just athletes; they are people-active in their communities and the world.

2) The sporting heroesgenerally are the ones that play the best role in their sport. But to reach that place they sacrifice something and give the best of themselves during a large period of their life’s, they get where they are practicing lots of hours per day. They are examples of people that want something and get it; they never give up and are always fighting for something they want. For example Lans Amstrong after...
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