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* At the bedroom
Francine: good morning!
Stan: Francine your dress is see through, unfortunately you arenot.
Francine: Stan, doesn’t today have some special significance for you?
Stan: wait... is today 14?
Francine: Yes it is.
Stan: Good God, how I couldI forget a day so dear to my heart… It’s Big CIA fishing trip…
* At the kitchen
Steve: mom, I’m going to the mall to try to figure out how thepiano store stays in business.
Roger: hold up Steve, I’m going with…
Francine: well, Roger, you know you can’t leave the house.
Roger: but everyone elsecan
Francine: well, everyone else isn’t an alien, now are they?
Roger: wow, someone is not in a good mood this morning
Francine: I just can’tbelieve Stan forgot our anniversary.
Klaus: I would never forget our anniversary.
Francine: we have an anniversary?
Klaus: October 25th the day you forgotto put on underpants. Let’s celebrate early… Quick! Stand on my bowl…
* At the mall
Friend #1 Oh my God! Lindsay Coolidge.
Steve : could she beany sexier?
Friend #2 : ohh… my pristine beauty. Your radiance makes my soul weep.
Steve: no way man, she’s mine…
Friend #3 : hey Steve, she’s comingthis way, ask her out! Unless you’re afraid
Steve: ¬¬ Steve Smith is never afraid…. I’m Steve Smith, Would you like to go out with me?
Lindsay: I’dlove to, but on one condition, you’ve got to find a date for my friend Jewel.
Ohh, here she comes now… (Strong steps)
ALL: Godzilla!!!! Ahhhhh!
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