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LUCIA - Good morning!
CRISTINA- Good morning Lucia, Thanks for coming to the interview. Sit down please.
Firstly, have you had any experience of publicist?
LUCIA – Yes, I have been a publicist atCalvin Klein in Italy. For the last 3 months.
CRISTINA- 3 months experience?. Good!. Do you speak any languages?
LUCIA- Yes, I speak Spanish because I had a company in Spain last year. Also, Ispeak Italian because I was working for two years in Italy.
CRISTINA- Well Lucia, It seems you are just the young person we are looking for.
LUCIA- Thank you for choosing me to the job. Good bye.CRISTINA-Good bye. See you later.

-----------------------CRISTINA speaks on the phone with PRISCILA--------------------

CRISTINA- Hello Pris
PRISCILA- ehh Cris!! How is yourinterview?
CRISTINA-Very good! I have just a candidate.
PRISCILA-OOH !! It’s fantastic!. This night we are going to celebrate.
CRISTINA-Are we going to the MTV concert, right?
PRISCILA- Yes, but willcome a friend. Can you pick us up by car?
CRISTINA-OK. See you in your house at 10 o’clock.
PRISCILA- Thank you, Cris. See you later! Bye
CRISTINA-Bye.---------------------------------------------IN THE CAR----------------------------------------------------

PRISCILA- Hello Cristina! This is my friend Lucia!
CRISTINA-OOH! Are you the girl of the interview?
LUCIA- Yes, I am the girl theinterview. Are you friends of Priscila?
CRISTINA- Yes, I am. We are friends since the university because we study the same career.
PRISCILA- What a coincidence!----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

CRISTINA-Good girls! Where have you been on holiday this summer?
LUCIA- AAH! Well, I've been surfing on the beaches of California andthen I was in Italy in the fashion week of Milan.
PRISCILA- What you most liked about Italy?
LUCIA- I really liked the food and also cultural visits to the Tower of Pisa and the clothes are very...
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