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Receptionist: Good morning Playacar Palace Hotel
Sofia: Good morning
Receptionist: This is Gerardo Chan how may I help you?
Sofia: Hi. I'd like to make a reservation.
Receptionist: Just amoment.
Sofia: Ok
Receptionist: for what date?
Sofía: sept. 19th.
Receptionist: What kind of suite do you want?
Sofia: Mmm… Can you tell me the all inclusive suites please?
Receptionist: Sure,we got 3 all inclusive suites
First: The Deluxe Sight to the hotel
Is the simply suite, for 2 adults and no child. This one doesn’t have sight to the sea.
Second: Superior Deluxe
Aluxury room, for 2 adults and 2 kids. Contains a Jacuzzi and a minibar
Third: Superior Deluxe Sight to the sea
The most luxury suite. This one contains a Jacuzzi, minibar, living room, 2 roomsfor 4 adults and 4 kids
Sofia: Mmm... And what kind of suite you suggest to me?
Receptionist: How many people coming with you?
Sofia: i want to go with my parents, my husband and my son. Whatwould it be more economic? Two superior deluxe suites or a superior deluxe sight to sea suite?
Receptionist: Ok, if you want a couple of the second suite you will pay $480 dollars for a night.Sofia: Ok. And the other suite, How much does it cost?
Receptionist: the Superior Deluxe Sight to the sea cost $501 dollars for a night.
Sofia: ok ok, I will like to reserve the superior deluxe suiteReceptionist: all right miss, wait a minute. Let me check if this date is reserved.
Sofia: sure, no problem.
Receptionist: I’m sorry. That cannot be. Those suites are reserved for that date.Sofia: Oh, ok in that case i want the superior deluxe Sight to the sea
Receptionist: ok, How many nights will you be staying?
Sofia: 2 nights. What's the room rate?
Receptionist: $1,002 dollars 2nights plus tax.
Would you like me to reserve a room for you?
Sofia: Yes please.
Receptionist: Your name?
Sofia: Sofia Alcocer
Receptionist: Miss Alcocer, how will you be paying?
Sofia: Visa....