Dorian gray

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1. Identify all the characters that appear in the text.

- Dorian Gray
- Basil Hallward
- Lord Henry Wotton
- Sybil Vane
- Lady Agatha
- Lord Burdon
- Mrs. Vane
- James Vane
- Alan Campbell
- Lady Monmouth
- Servant

2. Classify them.

Protagonist: Dorian Gray

Secondary Characters: Basil Hallward, Lord HenryWotton, Sybil Vane.

Tertiary Characters: Lady Agatha, Mrs. Vane, James Vane, Alan Campbell, Lady Monmouth, Servant.

3. Describe them (physically and psychologically).

Dorian Gray: He is an inexperienced young man, ingenuous as it is perceived to change with any comments, ambitious, vain, cruel and even sick, but also insensitive. He is also beautiful, with golden and curly hair, fairskin, blue eyes and a wonderful beauty.

Basil Hallward: He is noble, friendly and good intentions but bored. He is an old man; he has a short, brown and curly hair and a moustache.

Lord Henry Wotton: He is mature, intelligent, cunning and manipulative. He is an old man, elegant and short black hair.

Sybil Vane: She is poor, noble, sweet and good theater actress. She is verybeautiful and slim.
James Vane: he is vindictive, very protective, he is hardworking and poor.

Alan Campbell: He's a very intelligent young man and scientist.

Lady Agatha: She is an old woman, Lord Henry’s aunt and Dorian’s friend.

Lady Monmouth: She is a beautiful woman, elegant, with fair skin and she feels an attraction to Dorian.

Mrs. Vane: She is an old lady andtheater actress, like her daughter. She is concerned about the relationship between Dorian and Sybil.

Servant: he is poor, kind, attentive and helpful.

4. Mention their values and states what values the author.

There are many messages: among many of these is that of eternal youth, which is impossible, but people would like it and this would bring many consequences as Dorian,losing the feelings and commit atrocities, that should people do is enjoy their adolescence and youth, another is the way to experience the pleasures, sins won't do that you live happily as Dorian thought, another would be that nobody can get rid of the past as easily as Dorian thought.

5. Explain how the characters are related to the protagonist.

Usually, the characters relate well withthe protagonist, like Lord Henry, Lady Monmouth and his servant, but with some characters, he does not have a good relation, like:

Basil Hallward: Lord Henry says that Dorian will never be young and beautiful forever, and so he takes a little of a grudge against Basil.
Then, when he realizes that the portrait becomes ugly, he got like crazy and then he meets with Basil, tells the truthand kills him without mercy.

Sybil Vane: Dorian loved her, but when she acted wrong in the theater, he went to see her and he was very cruel, like if she was an animal.

James Vane: He hated Dorian after Sybil died. After eighteen years, James found him to get revenge, but Dorian lied him and escaped.

Alan Campbell: he and Dorian had been good friends, but then Alan never smiledwhen he met him, because Alan had heard the horror stories of his ex friend. Then he felt a big disgust to Dorian, when he asked him to make disappear the Basil's body.

6. Mention and describe the setting of the story making reference to the historical aspects of that time.

The play develops in London, England in the end of nineteenth century, upper-class houses like the Basil's house,Dorian's house, Lady Agatha's house and in very poor places like the Vane family's home, old and dirty theater and the opium bar.

7. States what type of conflicts is show and support your answer.

The conflicts are:

- Dorian begins to worry about his youth and beauty, because Lord Henry tells him that his attributes will not be forever.
- Mr. Gray ends his relationship...
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