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1. Use a-an or some in the following text.

I am a doctor at Mary’s hospital. I really like to save people. I know many girls but one is a beautiful girl I like. Sheis a nurse.
One day we went out for eating an ice cream or drinking a coffee. But we couldn’t because it was raining so, we just stay home and ate an orange and watch t.v it was boring.2. Translate the text.

Yo soy un doctor en el hospital de Mary. Me gusta realmente salvar a las personas. Yo conozco a muchas muchachas pero uno es una muchacha bonita que me gusta.Ella es una enfermera.
Un día que nosotros salimos para comer un helado o beber un café. Pero nosotros no pudimos porque estaba lloviendo así, nosotros apenas nos quedamos en la casa ycomimos una naranja y miramos t.v era aburrido.

3. Answer the question.

• What is he?
He is a doctor
• Does he know many men?
He no know many men• Is he an old man?
He is a man young
• What does he like to do?
Like to save people
• Did he make his plans?
If toleave to eat or to drink a coffee with the girl

4. Change to possessive adjective.

• This t.v set is mine
This is mine t.v set
• Those car are hersThose are hers car
• That tie is his
That is his tie
• These book is theirs
These is theirs book

5. Change to question.• She is a beautiful girl
Is she a beautiful girl?
• The book is on the table
Is the book on the table?
• I am a teacher
Am Ia teacher?
• They are students
Are they students?

6. Write down the name of the days of the week and the month of the year.

• The days of the week....
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