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I. Write a friendly and a business letter. Identify it`s parts. (34 pts)

II. Choose the correct answer. (22 pts)

Short creative narrative | a.Autobiographical writing | b. Research Report | c. Summary |
Presents information through a variety of media | a. Compare and contrast essay | b. Biographical writing | c. MultimediaReport |
Explains how to do or make something | a. Problem and solution essay | b. How to essay | c. Summary |
Story of a writer`s own life | a. Biographical writing | b.Autobiographical writing | c. Short Story |
Analyzes the similarities and differences between or among things | a. Cause and effect essay | b. Problem and solution essay | c. Compare and contrast essay|
Mode of writing | a. Narration | b. Description | c. Exposition |
Includes dates, details and main events in a person`s life | a. Research report | b. Multimedia Report | c.Biographical Report |
Brief statement that gives the main idea of an event or a piece of writing | a. Summary | b. Short Story | c. How to essay |
Series of steps that can help you writeeffectively | a. Draft | b. Writing Process | c. Prewriting |
During this step you collect topic ideas, plan your writing and gather information | a. Brainstorm | b. Proofread | c.Prewrite |
Check your work for errors and make final corrections | a. Publish | b. Draft | c. Proofread |

III. Look at his paragraph. Combine the pair of underlined sentences withtime words such as when, while, as soon as, before and after. (10 pts) Combine sentences with Time Words

IV. Read this note. Circle all the pronouns. Above each pronoun, write the noun that it...
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