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  • Publicado : 10 de enero de 2012
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December 31 / Traditional parade of Old Years
In this old tradition nariñense, it is represented by means of cloth puppets, fillers of sawdust, satirical printings and loaded with humor, withthematic that register the penuries and the happiness of the year that it finishes. We see this way parade to characters of the local or national life, paradoxical situations and impregnated allegories ofgrace and spicy, it stops in hours of the night, to be burned in family or in the neighborhood while the arrival of the new year is celebrated.

January 3 / Day of the Youth
"The Carnavalito" it hasbeen constituted in a school so that the children artisans of our city demonstrate their genius and their creativity, emulating the activity of their parents. We see this way replicas of coaches,small leeses, lúdica, coloring and fantasy. The queen's coronation 98.

January 4
Through the time and from 1928, the Family Castañeda has been constituted in the hall of our carnival. It is a familycoming from the Putumayo that returned of a bankrupt colonization whose main members are the parents, three daughters maidens, two children despelucados and several relatives without identifying.Their voyage makes it on foot and in carts, loading such utensils as trunks, baskets, pure, trunks, seats, coffee and multiple farm animals, in a singular composition that dió origin to the parade thattoday reminds them and it puts them in scene every year to whose greeting comes out "Pericles Carnival" who begins the festivity officially by means of a band.

31 de Diciembre / Tradicional desfilede Años Viejos
En esta antigua tradición nariñense, se representa por medio de muñecos de trapo, rellenos de aserrín, estampados satíricos y cargados de humor, con temáticas que registran las penuriasy las alegrías del año que termina. Así vemos desfilar a personajes de la vida local o nacional, situaciones paradójicas y alegorías impregnadas de gracia y picante, para en horas de la noche, ser...
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