Historia Corta En Ingles/Español

Slowly, they made their way along the beach to a sandy cove. The sun shone brightly and a gentle breeze disturbed Jane´s hat making her giggle as she hastily reached up to hold it in position. Shelooked so pretty with her golden locks, draped to her shoulders. My heart beat a little faster as she turned and her wide blue eyes stared into mine, tantalizing and inviting, it was as though I waspeering into her very soul. This was Jane, the love of my life.
I had met her several weeks before, found her to be married and instantly attempted to cool the relationship. This was difficult as sheimmediately pronounced her love for me. She related the circumstances under which she had been forced by her mother and father to marry this man of their choice. He was wealthy, probably the reasonfor their decision. He had convinced her parents of his love for their daughter and this, being a great advantage in terms of security for their only child, had been a decisive point. Her parentswere adamant that the marriage would work out, that in time they would adjust to each other.
In a short time, the novelty had worn off for him. She became aware of his lack of attention and theoccasional appearance of other women -- once, even in their bedroom. She began realize that she was just an addition to his harem.
Her moral descended into the depths of despair and her parents appeared tohave lost all interest in her welfare. She felt lost.
It was shortly after the marriage that I had appeared on the scene and things had gotten instantly out of control. From the moment we met, Iwas madly in love with Jane. I reached forward and with the back of my hand, gently drew my fingers across her cheek, so smooth so alluring. How could it be for one to find his heart’s desire, only tofind she belonged to another?
We had both reluctantly agreed that this would be our final meeting and that I would return to my homeland on the Continent. We were now at the cliff face; the cove...
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