Importance of multicultural education at an early age

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  • Publicado : 7 de mayo de 2011
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Nowadays we are living in a globalized world that needs the interaction of people from countries around the world. So by having a multicultural education, people will be able to communicate withforeigners in an easier way.
The world has become more competitive and speaking only your native language is no longer enough to success during these days.
Many people, especially in Mexico, askthemselves daily why they can’t get a decent work and most of the time, compare themselves with people that live in foreign countries. One of the reasons that answer this question is because of the lack ofmulticultural education.
First, let’s start by defining what multicultural education means. Basically it is the concept of learning at least 2 different languages apart from your native one.
Inmy personal opinion, having a multicultural education can help you to enrich your culture in every aspect, to get a better job and to be surrounded by people from different countries that will bringyou lots of benefits in life.
Many psychologists say that it is a mistake that many people wait until adolescence to start learning different languages, and the correct thing to do is to start thiseducation at an early age.
This can be supported by the article in Newsweek which says that ”it is almost impossible for a boy that is already 10 years old to learn a second language and speak it as anative one.” The reason why this statement before is true, is because during this stage of life there are lots of psychological changes; the brain matures and therefore the retention decreases.
Byhaving a multicultural education, you can have lots of benefits. For example, an easier communication with foreign people, a better achievement in school, better skills for solving problems, acompetitive advantage, better understanding of cultures and more creativity in some aspects.
There are also social benefits, like economic competitiveness in foreign countries, improvement of global...
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