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Selecciona del menú la opción QUE CORRESPONDA. .
Cada opción correctamente seleccionada equivale a 1/2 punto (máximo puntaje = 5) | |

a. | The party is    Wednesday night    8:00 p.m.. |
b. | I work    the weekends    December. |
c. | Let's meet    noon    Wednesday. |
d. | I go to bed late    night    the summer. |
e. | Please, come to the office  Tuesday    two o'clock. |Observa atentamente el mapa y SELECCIONA en las celdas la mejor opción |

a. | The bank is    the post office. |
b. | The bookstore is    the coffee shop. |
c. | The subway is    Stanford Street and Second Avenue. |
d. | The hotel is    Yale Street and Cornell Street. |
e. | The gas station is    the supermarket. |
f. | The parking lot is    the hotel. |
Selecciona del menú la opciónQUE CORRESPONDA | |

a. |   you born in this city? |
b. | Where    your parents born? |
c. | My father    born in this country. |
d. | What    your favorite subject in high school? |
e. | When    your sister married? |
f. | Who    your best friends in high school? |
Selecciona del menú la opción QUE CORRESPONDA. | |

a. | Are they    a trip this week? |
b. | Is Angeles   work today? |
c. | Jorge is sick. He's    bed. |
d. | I bought these shoes    the Alto Palermo mall. |
e. | Susan is    Mexico this month. |
f. | Carmen likes to sing    the shower. |
Selecciona del menú la opción QUE CORRESPONDA. | |

a. | Helen    this big house in 1980. |
b. | I    English for twenty years. |
c. | You're a good student. I think you    this final test. |
d. |"Why are you putting on your coat?"  "I  ". |
| Completa esta conversación colocando los verbos entre paréntesis en PASADO SIMPLE o PRESENTE PERFECTO junto con los pronombres personales indicados y la partícula negativa donde corresponda. | |

Ann and Jack |
ANN: | Hello, Jack!! I    (NOT SEE) you for ages!! Where |
  |   (YOU - BE)? |
JACK: | Oh, you know I love my skis. I    (BE)in Aspen,  |
  | Colorado. I    (WANT) to send you a postcard but |
  | I    (NOT HAVE) your address with me. |
ANN: | No problem!!    (YOU - HAVE) a good time in the  |
  | United States? How long    (YOU - BE) there? |
JACK: | I    (BE) there for a month. It was really great and  |
  | I enjoyed it a lot. I    (SKI) all day and, of course, |
  | I    (DANCE) all night!! |


En este ejercicio podrás practicar el uso correcto de los verbos. Lee atentamente las oraciones y completa los recuadros con la forma de Simple Past de los verbos que se encuentran a continuación
-------------------------------------------------Principio del formulario
1. Yesterday my father to work by car.
2. This morning I a shower.
3. My sister her room on Saturday.
4. The birds over our heads.
5. Last week my family a new table for the dining room.
6. The other day, I my math's book.
7. I ) my mother a lie.
8. We a terrible sound outside last night.
9. football match Tuesday night?
10. Pau a litre of Cokefor lunch yesterday.

Exercise 2
Complete los recuadros usando el verbo entre paréntesis en Present Perfect o Simple Past.
Principio del formulario
1. Jane (stay) at home yesterday.
2. Your letter (arrive) two days ago.
3. I (live) here for ten years.
4. Last week we (go) to the cinema.
5. The game (start) . They are playing now.6. I (phone) you at five and you weren't there.
7. I (lose) my watch, I can't find it.
8. Last month Sarah (travel) to Italy.
9. I (work) all day and now I'm tired.
10. We (buy) a new house last week.

Final del formulario
Complete the sentences with the verbs in past simple
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