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Test #1 Skills
Part I:
Complete Subject and Complete Predicate
Underline the completesubject with one line and the complete predicate with two lines.
1. I have an apple to take to my teacher.
2. Sarah took my science notebook.
3. The teacher didnot come today.
4. My parents made me a tree house.
Part II:
Compound Sentences
Underline each compound in the sentences.
1. I went to the movies and the mall.2. The flowers and the bee are yellow.
3. I like to eat pizza and breadsticks.
4. Sarah and John are married.
Part III:
Compound Predicate
Underline thecompound predicate in each sentence.
1. They pushed and moved the rock out the way.
2. Trees moved and swayed because of the storm.
3. My baby sister cried andwined all the way home.
4. My brother cleaned and washed the car.

Part IV:
1. Fragment a. a sentence so long that it needs a conjunction.
2. Run-onb. a sentence that’s missing a subject, predicate, or both.
3. Complete sentence c. has all the correct parts

Part V:
Choose the correct form: run-on, complete,or fragment
1. Grow from seeds. _____
2. The party was exciting it was yesterday there were so many people dancing. _____
3. Plants need water and love to live._____
4. Have roots and leaves. _____
5. Today is a beautiful day. _____
6. Tomorrow is going to be fun we have a project to do all the students are going toparticipate. _____
7. Always is in a bad mood. _____
8. Tomorrow. _____
9. Mrs. Gomez loves us with all her heart. _____
10. Love to go to the beach. _____
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