Jack the ripper

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  • Publicado : 5 de octubre de 2010
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Jack the ripper
When mist the lodges in the street from London; joins the dark to this and nest in the sites moor small of unfathomable mystery. For that reason, the ears are expert inlisten and classify sounds, of footstep hurry, the hoot of horses what pull of fast coach; the stagger walk of leg what obedient only the dictate of brain irrigate of intoxicated blood.This darkness will be always controversial, save in your memory events of all type, but can not go to this for rebelled
It is a friend or enemy, what keep the secrets of people busy insend that mist to eyes the other person what see not never more.
It is the year 1888 (one thousand eight hundred) in the district White chapel, a very dangerous streets, in reality were asentence of die in those times.
That was the cruel true what found six between many prostitutes in “East end”; all behead, the intestine always exhibit, next to one river of blood forma nauseating scene
But one by one the deaths were different
The first Marta Turner: her sex organs were removed
Mary Ann Nichols: brutally beaten against the wall and her kidney wasremoved
Annie Chapman him removed one ear, a part of bladder and the part upper of vagina
Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Endows the two dead in one night, to the first one ear removed,and the second too but also removed the kidney and the ovary
Between all the victims Mary Jane Kelly had the more terrible die, she was totally destroy her blood and organs were extractingand scatter for her room and how final trophy jack take the heart before of vanished too how arrive in the dark what save your secret for ever
What reason can have one person for dothis acts of sadism? I don’t know
London lived the moment of more terrible uncertainty in your history, but the next months the true was threw to windy for keep in the dark and the mist
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