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Hachiko, forever by your side
by ~85rose

Hachiko, forever by your side
Sat Apr 10, 2010, 5:03 PM
When Zoe came home from school found a akita puppy she took the dog home and reached his motherand father asked: zoe from where did you get that little akita puppy?
I found it. she answered
zoe said: I can keep it?
his parents thought and said: yes
she said thanks
what name will get yourpuppy?
well, but you take care of him
The next day she woke up to go to school and Hachiko followed her to where she took the train at Shibuya Station
Hachiko went to zoe's house
allher classmates teased her for not having a pet
the five p.m. Hachiko is already there waiting for zoe. I greet licking the hand. the next day was the day to take your pet to school
then she askedHenry where he conducted the train station: henry, I can take Hachiko on the train?
he said yes
I get to school and were amazed that Zoe had an Akita breed of Japanese nobility
present when she saida dog Hachiko noble canine. these dogs are loyal and beautiful. . Each one of these dogs akita always choose your own you do not choose them.
they came back, and so every day Hachiko was waitingoutside the Shibuya station until one day
goodbye mom goodbye dad, let's go Hachiko
he went after seeing Zoe went on the train
in the news said that the train had crashed.
among the 50 dead was zoeHachiko that day was to meet her but never released. zoe's brothers went to pick up Hachiko
they moved, but Hachiko wanted to stay in the house where its owner lived.
escaped the day to see if zoereturned. one day they let him go so he could see if zoe back to playing. ten years after which it was zoe's nephew went to see the grave of his aunt. she is? ask drake
yes she is. mother answer
zoeaunt rest in peace. drake said
let's go
yes mom
were five in the afternoon and then there was Hachiko waiting for zoe
Drake's mother said: Hachiko, are you?
drake said on the train:
why did you...
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