La armadura oxidada

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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2010
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About the Sketch:

Not only did the sketch appear in the Flying Circus TV Show - Episode 3, it also featured in the Movie - 'And Now For Something Completely Different'.

The cast:WIFE
Carol Cleveland
Graham Chapman
Terry Jones
Michael Palin
Eric IdleCOOK
John Cleese

The sketch:

(Scene : A couple are seated at a table in a restaurant.)

Wife: It's nice here, isn't it?

Man: Oh, very good restaurant,three stars you know.

Wife: Really?

Man: Mmm...

Waiter: Good evening, sir! Good evening, madam! And may I say what a pleasure it is to see you here again, sir!

Man: Ohthank you. Well there you are dear. Have a look there, anything you like. The boeuf en croute is fantastic.

Waiter: Oh if I may suggest, sir ... the pheasant à la reine, the sauce is one ofthe chefs most famous creations.

Man: Em... that sounds good. Anyway just have a look... take your time. Oh, er by the way - got a bit of a dirty fork, could you ... er·.. get me another one?Waiter: I beg your pardon.

Man: Oh it's nothing ... er, I've got a fork a little bit dirty. Could you get me another one? Thank you.

Waiter: Oh ... sir, 1 do apologize.Man: Oh, no need to apologize, it doesn't worry me.

Waiter: Oh no, no, no, I do apologize. I will fetch the head waiter immediatement.

Man: Oh, there's no need to do that!Waiter: Oh, no no... I'm sure the head waiter, he will want to apologize to you himself. I will fetch him at once.

Wife: Well, you certainly get good service here.

Man: Theyreally look after you... yes.

Head Waiter: Excuse me monsieur and madame. (examines the fork) It's filthy, Gaston ... find out who washed this up, and give them their cards immediately....
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