Leaving a dream behind

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September 29, 2010

Leaving a Dream behind

All my life I have wanted to be a lot of thing, all those things are always good things being associated with somebody successful and who has money, because that is the kind of person that my parents wants from me, but there is being something that all my live I have dreamed to be, becauseIt is the only one thing that I feel is within me, inside my blood, it is the music.

I had a problem with no solution in a hard time of my life there was no solution for that problem I was enduring my family’s opinion, I did not want a normal life, I did not want to be in an office all day long, my rebel spirit wanted something more, more than the life that everybody had, more than be onemore, and as a revelation I figure out what I wanted to do for life, I would follow my dreams, my vocation, music would be what I wanted to do for life, because I did not wanted to work , I did not wanted to study and I did not wanted to get married, all that I wanted was to play my guitar and sing all day long and that people fell in love with my voice.

Well even if music was everything that Iwanted, my parents and all my entire family did not want to. Wow! That was not a surprise for me, they had always said “most of the musician doesn’t have money and they have poor lives, is that what you want for you? “of course I didn’t want that, but music was what I wanted, and I wanted to try, who knows maybe I would become famous , I was convinced, when my father realize that he, was just like,“ Hey you! You better study, you better work, you better do something good with your life or you guitar would be a nice hat for you!” That confused me more I knew what he mean.

By that time I was in my last year of high school, and all that final year I had been singing with my 5 best friend all the time, we started singing in a little event in the high school and the people liked the way wesang so we decided to have a band. All that year of school we had been singing all the way around our home town, we were 5 young boys, ages between 17-19 years old singing fresh pop, I was 18 years old by that time, many people was thinking that we might have a future in the world music, and of course we had the same idea about us, and we wanted something more, we all wanted to do music for life.We decided to move from our hometown to a big city looking for one opportunity of being heard for somebody like a manager who wanted to show our music to the state, the country and as a big dream the world.

That was a good option for me, because I did not want to be in my house with my family doing what I did not want to do, and as my grandmother always said “ if you want something , youhave to fight for it” so, that was exactly what me and my friends would do, we decided that one week after graduation we would leave hometown and live all together in a small apartment at “ Bogota” the capital of Colombia, it is a big city, although we were people from a small town, we were not afraid, we were excited because our dream would come true , we were sure of it.

Finally the dayarrived we graduated from high school, at the next week while all other friends of us were thinking about college, in contrast we were packing for our trip. The last night before we leave I was afraid about to miss my family, and about the future, I thought about it till I slept.

Next day we were ready for the trip, we all together made a promise in the bus stop that we will do anything for to getwhat we wanted and would never rest until we get it, but we all had fear inside of us although nobody said anything, I knew everybody was just like me, the bus arrived and we took the last view of our town, and we said bye!

The trip was so long, I did not know that Bogota was that away, it was about 8 hours, it was too much for me. We arrived to a nasty, old and small apartment which was owned...
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